Transparency Wanted

Transparency Wanted

I have traveled across the world teaching about the relationship economy we are in.  We have been in it for about 4-5 years and it is expanding.  I have worked with political campaigns begging them to see the rabid desire in our nation for REAL.. for TRANSPARENCY.. for depth messaging rather than political messaging.

Withholding tax returns until right before  a major state must be some sort of brilliant political strategy I can’t figure out.  I just simply cannot believe that the campaign waited so long to release the information.  You notice I say campaign instead of the candidate.  I still stand firmly in the position the candidate is brilliant and can be trusted.  Clearly the candidate is taking on some old school political wisdom that maybe would have worked in 1950.. although the candidate would not even be  considered then.

Equivocation.  We all do it.  C’mon.  It is common.  I am surprised that one candidate is equivocating a bit on views they have had for years.  Seems the opposite of how this candidate has behaved in the past.  This candidate delivered a speech that had transparency and the nation loved it.  Please do not slip back into messaging and perfection.  We just don’t like it.

Changing a mind is exactly what a politician should do if after receiving new information they realized their perspective is off.  Changing a mind is a great thing – call it that.  Explain it as that.  Be that.  The American people understand perspective – look at what has happened over the past decade.  We get it.  Be clear on it and explain WHY the change.

I do miss Huckabee.  Not because I would have voted for him or agree with any of his politics.  We are about as opposite as we can be in our beliefs.  I do miss his straight talk – if the candidates now would practice his style of speaking the American people would back then.

I’m here in Austin Texas.  A fabulous place with a “Kool Kuts for Kids” – my son’s first hair cut ever.  Firetruck chairs, sports car chairs, legos, thomas the choo hoo train, dora… this place is awesome to distract a youngster long enough to get his hair cut.  NONE of their schemes and toys were working for my son tho.  There was NO WAY my son was going to let this woman up a blue cape on him or spray his hair.  No way.  Goldfish crackers didn’t work, apple juice didnt, Dora didn’t.. he just wasn’t having it.

I tried begging pleading bargaining – all that stuff.  Then I handed him a squirt bottle and said “Hey, squirt mommy.”

Suddenly I was in Flashdance.  He laughed and squirted and we cut his hair.  He could see in the mirror the woman cutting his hair and each time she messed whit him he squirted me.  I ended up soaked.

Good thing though as the water hid the tears on my face as I realized my little boy is grown up.  All grown up.

Transparency is a good thing.  Direct facts and mirrors all around.  Campaigns need to figure this one out.

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  • David LaPlante
    Posted at 18:44h, 14 April

    Great post Christina. The Flashdance scene…perfect.

    You know that I speak on the transparency conundrum a lot and it’s really a struggle for most folks over the age of 50. Too many years of iron curtains, x-files and James Bond got them spooked.

    Good luck with changing some minds on your end. Been a little slow going on mine…

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