The free throw line isn’t free

The free throw line isn’t free


I received this link from a reader on this blog in response to my blog about the school system.

I don’t agree with everything in this article – I do see an serious opportunity for an inspirational story or video. We know what will happen to one of these schools if a star player from the NFL or the NBA joined the team.. drummed up support.. coaching… and frankly, esteem.

We know it. If we shot a video of the famous sport guy and the team we’d see the team become something great.  When we believe in others.. when we help them find their divine spark by seeing it first.  It happens.  It is magical.

One of the most watched video’s on YouTube.. because it gives  goose bumps. I want goose bumps. So do you.

This is a call to any sports nut in Sacramento- please go to these schools and help the kids in the article. SHoot a movie of it so we can motivate everyone to start helping kids find their divine spark.

In 13 months, Allegory will have a department with the sole purpose to do just that. December 2009 will be our first class in our first school. I’m committed to stop complaining and start doing.  Not sure how I will get there.. I will.
Any ideas on how to penetrate the school bureaucracy – let me know!

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