Take time with a broken hand

Take time with a broken hand

So, I’m at the airport a month(?) or so ago, I have a splint on with metal in it and so I have to do the full security pat down, and the security woman is singing Bohemian Rhapsody.. every single word of the song known… as she asks me to spread my legs, my arms… tells me about the other side of her hand and how she is going to pat me down. … still singing the song…out loud

as she takes 5 minutes to do this full crazy procedure, she’s humming and laughing and joking and singing and it actually made it really funny.

I start giggling. Seriously. So did she. I asked her if she knew the reference of the song.. she didn’t. i told her. we both laughed and together sang:

“Bismillah NO we will not let her go….” in really deep voices.

The security boss sitting in the little elevated desk sings below his breath in a high pitched voice, “Let her go”

She and I retort, “Bismilla NO we will not let her go…”

Let her go

The 3 of us laughed so hard.. if you have never heard the song you aren’t laughing right now.

it was really beautiful man. I guess ya had to be there.

Just humans. Creating joy out of terrorism. That my friends is the American way. We just don’t have to suffer. Someone needs to give that woman a raise and a promotion into the training department!

I’m still laughing about it as I get to my car. Writing a blog in my head of course. I hurt my had getting my bag into the car. It is REALLY hurting.
I start looking for the positives of the situation because that’s what I do…. i’m thinking “if it wasn’t for this hand I wouldn’t have received the queen song and that funny moment.” Ugh. Starting to feel a little grumpy…

i decide to go to the cashier of the airport garage cuz using a machine with a cast isn’t fun….

  The guy in the cashier box ignores me completely… just keeps singing the song he has on the radio out loud..really loud…. does our entire transaction with out breaking his chorus, He is singing Nirvana

Take time with a wounded hand — Cause it likes to heal

(I swear to you i am not talented enough to make this crap up!)

take time with the broken hand cause it like to heal. I’m half the man that I used to be

and he’s singing it as I’m trying to tell him  I can’t do the credit card cause my hand


he’s totally ignoring me singing take time with the wounded hand because it likes to heal

Please understand he didn’t see my hand he was so busy singing


I almost crashed getting on the freeway laughing my butt off

Great customer service one note at a time

  • Peter
    Posted at 02:26h, 03 October

    Funny story man….made me laugh. The wounded hand song is called Creep by Stone Temple Pilots.

  • garage roller shutter doors
    Posted at 02:11h, 28 June

    I recently went to an airport and teh security people looked so glum! Sounds like a great experience- Love that queen song.

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