Selecting a president is like buying a new car

Selecting a president is like buying a new car

Imagine for a moment you are the advertising executive for a car company. It is imperative you produce a campaign that causes consumers to buy your car. You meet with tons of people, you do focus groups and you get tons of advice. It is the first day the spot will air on television – you are pleased with the perfection of the message.

The image flickers on the screen- your car drives by extremely slow. A cyber-arrow points to the fact that the car has FOUR wheels, a combustible engine, a windshield and that the company that built the car has been in business for 25 years. A voice drones on about the 4 wheels, the engine and the windshield. Musak plays in the background.
This is what I feel like when I watch political campaign ads. In particular, Hillary Clinton. Her campaign is messaging on the things most American so not dispute. She has experience, she knows diplomacy and she is smart. Four wheels, a windshield and an engine.

Now that’s a car that knows how to stand out! Consumers will be lining up to buy a car that has 4 wheels, an engine and a windshield. Brillance!
Political campaigns need to hire (and listen) to folks who understand: DOMINATE BUYING MOTIVE.

Clearly the voice is not getting through! The time is now to sell the reason we should buy the car- the difference. The heart.

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