Police Sandwich

Police Sandwich

A week ago.  Late.  Again.  the acrobatics of a 3 year old and an early morning hair appointment.

I must admit, I stumbled a little, hiding the broccoli in the peanut butter sandwich he requested for breakfast.

In the car.  “walk walk”  “C’mon honey.”

He hands me the 3/4 eaten sandwich, “Done mommy.”   We race toward his preschool.

The past few days, the Brisbane police have been speed-trapping our route so I’m actually going the speed limit.

Red lights.  i get pulled over.  Great.

I explain to SJL what is going on.  Cop takes my stuff (paperwork)   phone rings.. I take the call.

Police does the drill  I see him checking all the vitals on the bureaucratic by the book rigamarole.  (that just rolled off my tongue)

He walks up to the window.  i get off my call.  “people usually ask me why i pulled them over.”  He looks at me expectantly.

“um.  I figured you’d tell me eventually.”

“Ma’am, you have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on your car.”

whoops   I had meant to toss that.  I laugh.  Then start to ask if I can get a ticket for that….

Sebastian yells in an obstinate tone, “IT IS ALMOND BUTTER… !!!!

Cop laughs, “I can’t give a ticket for being precocious.”

We drive off.    That night we have an elaborate birthday dinner I planned…. a mini  fireworks festival for him.  This is my 3rd year celebrating his birth with a visual outburst.  Dinner and then KABOOM.

My friend xxx was over the top… giant incredible fireworks.  Really profound and fab.

Cops show.  Oh, really, no fireworks on the beach?  That is weird since almost every group there had them.  Cop is Unhappy.  Clearly freaked out about safety and 4 young boys at the beach after 9pm.  I  explain to  sjl how cops are there for our safety and perhaps we aren’t’ being safe.    The cop was not in a good mood clearly.  A totally different experience from the cop in the morning.  Sebastian looks back over to him and says, “Thank you for coming to my birthday party.”

I think this kid has just learned how to gauge the outward affect of a police officer and respond accordingly.    Oh, will the teenage years be fun.

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