One of these things is not like the other…

One of these things is not like the other…

I served man kind today. I did my part. There is this little spring in my step as I realize the good I have done.

I served you specifically. I gave 3 hours of my time to a focus group interested in selling directly to CEO’s. (Of course, I am not a CEO, I am an entrepreneur. There is a major difference but heck, they didn’t realize there was a weirdo in the room until I opened my mouth.)

In the Clift Hotel is the lovely sun room. It is fabulous on the 15th flloor if you ever have the chance. Within this deck is a yummy room piled high with marketing folks from large corporations. Did I say Large.. I meant behemouth like Bank of America…Cisco… Apple. The earnestness in the room could be cut with a knife. Very respectful and maybe a tad bit bored. There wasn’t a lot of pencil sharpening following my words.

I spoke of blogs. Of the new communication reality. I have talked of it in my blogs before: We live in a reality television culture.

Folks watch tv every night (not all folks.. some of you read blogs) and we like games, levity, entertainment and mostly relationship. We want to know more about folks then maybe they want to tell.. and we want the story. Uh, now.

I tend to disagree with current thought just on principle. I thought of this little communication reality so I really believe it right now. Get back wth me in a few months and I will have moved on to something else.

The human relationship is the true currency. It resounded in this room as well. My little sentence that I thought up over a diet coke and Top Ramen dinner back in 1993.

The marketeers asked me to compare and contrast a good biz relationship and one gone bad. OOOOH my hand went up! I have one- TODAY I tried for the 16th time to move my websites from to

GoDaddy is amazing. There phone number is on their website at least 3 times… so no matter where you are in the navigation pane you can get a live human fogging a mirror on the phone. They are plain speaking folks who do not look down on ya cuz you ask them how to use the handy cup holder your computer came with. (old joke.. whatever, it is still funny)

In order to transfer my website, I had to get an authorization code from The paperwork and hurdles was more work than when my husband and I did fertility treatments- I thought that process was filled bureaucracy.

Now, I get whey wants to force people to telephone them to get the code. they want to try and talk ya out of it. AND they make it difficult so that folks do not switch from them. They had me another year becuz last time i just gave up. There are only certain hours you are allowed to call these folks AND they have likely sold your domain off to someone else. I had 3 domains and had to make 3 calls to make it happen. Oh, mind you, they did offer to transfer me once- and I sat on hold for 30 minutes. I thought, now that is a long queue.. so I hung up and dialed again and got someone right away.

Then, they give you the authorization code and it doesn’t work. If sends you an authorization code.. do not copy and paste it.. it doesn’t work with the spaces in it.

4 more days and my transfer will be complete. Voila!

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