My son isn’t politically correct

My son isn’t politically correct

Last month I was away from home for a week in Berlin.  I agonized being gone so long from my son and asked my husband to keep notes on what he did or said while I was away.

It is a universal thing in parenting to ask a babe just learning to make sounds what different animals say.  What does the dog say?  What does the cat say?   Sebastian learned lion first… he gave us a big ROOOOOORWWWW.  We of course clap our hands and tell him he is a great kid.   He learned many animals… it was something fun we did.

When I returned from Berlin I hugged him for about 50 minutes.   Then daddy asked him, What does the monkey say.  OOOHOOOH….. we applaud.

What does the lion say… RRRRRRROOOOOOOWWWWWWWWR… we applaud

WHat does the LUNATIC say?   MmmmmooOOOOHAAAHAAAHAAA

Yes, my husband taught our son to make a super villian noise.  It is the cutest.  I laughed and laughed.   It really isn’t politically correct of course.   It really is cute.

Of course we then taught him a noise for every single one of our friends.  Luther says DUUUUUUDE.  Madrina says MORE WINE PLEASE.  Courtney says OOOOOOOMMMMMM (She is a yoga master)   Blake says  SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (year of the snake)    This fun little game delights all the adults around.

Yesterday I am driving and Sebastian asks from the back seat, MOMMA?

Yes son.

What does the doggy say?

Ruf Ruf

Yay.  Good momma!!!!  WHat does the cat say?


YAY  Good momma!!!  What does the monkey say?


No….. try again momma….

I have to say, I had to pull over.  It was that cute.

 I have started paying attention now.  Every person I know, if I had to tell Sebastian what they ‘say’… what is it.  We all have verbal branding going on that we are often not aware of.   A good lesson.. from a 20-month old.


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