Mistakes make things more interesting

Mistakes make things more interesting

Columbus and Broadway..outside… The unveiling of Brian Goggin and Dorka Keehn’s  “The Language of Birds”

My son Sebastian asleep in his car seat with wheels.  Each piece of sculpture way up over head covered with black cloth- individually wrapped.   The Marching band appears – my son wakes up just as one of the black clothes gets stuck on a sculpture.  Really stuck.  The audience waits in anticipation. 

Brian Goggin, artist and obvious rock climber, scales a two-story ladder to remove the black cloth and slides down.  The ladder is held by the crowd. It appears dangerous.  It is very dramatic.

 The crowd cheers.  My son starts screaming “that is my daddy’s ladder.. that is my daddy’s ladder..”  (It was, weird how kids know these things- it was.)

The remaining cloths are removed by some of the The Extra Action Marching Band  members… in matching outfits.

My son starts yelling, “Momma… those girls don’t have any clothes on!!!”

It is hard to explain to a three year old thongs with bead ‘skirts’… I did a fair job answer the question “why


The point of this post:  when things don’t go the way we planned when presenting GO WITH IT.  The drama of the unveiling made the audience CHEER.  Several people behind me wondered if it was all a part of the performance. 



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