How it is said

How it is said

Four months ago I called Huckabee, an unknown, as the Republican candidate.  I heard him on the radio.  He is pragmatic and runs toward the issues most candidates avoid.

Example?  His prolife stance.  When asked about morals in America in a debate, he answered the question by saying he is ProLife.  The problem with Prolifers is they stop caring about the individual once they are born.  OUr moral challenge in this country is to take care of the individual.   The audience nods while he speaks.  Nods, because he doesn’t avoid the subject – he brings it up.

Creationism.  I am scared by his opinion on this.  AND in the debate he answers the question so clearly.  “I believe in God.  As a believer in God of course I believe God created this earth.  It was not some accident.  AND I live in the United States of America where each person chooses their beliefs and we are not supposed to agree on everything.  We are supposed to protect the beliefs of others especially when they are different than our own.  I am not running for a position to teach children biology – I am running for president of the finest country in the world.   (I am paraphrasing)

People will vote for this guy because of the way he confronts the issues and speaks plainly about them.

I was wrong about Iowa thought.  I said Edwards would take it with Obama second and Hillary third.   I am excited to see Obama take it.  It says a lot about how far our country has come in the past 40 years.

Obama needs to get better at debating if he is going to beat Huckabee.  Hillary on the other hand could slaughter him in the debates and still won’t win the hearts and votes of the American people.  I so wish the Hillary campaign would set the woman free.  The Hillary Ads, the Hillary Stumps are not the woman I have met.  It looks like she is heading toward the history books of lost campaigns with Gore and Kerry.

Can she turn it around?  Yes.  She needs to change her camp … stop circling the wagons..stop being so perfect.. stop circling the wagons.  Her people are too  protective of her and frankly she does not need it.  The woman is wicked smart – stop making her perfect.  Messaging on her smarts, experience and international diplomacy is the wrong message.  No one disagrees with those three things.

Huckabee talks about Clinton:

Again, this guy gets it.  If you are reading this blog right now.. stop reading and buy the book

Homo Politicus

Huckabee I am sure has read it.  The other candidates – to compete – need to get that the American people are not of their tribe.

I will not vote for Huckabee.  I am still in awe of his verbal talent.   I like the guy- even though I don’t agree with most of his beliefs.
Liberals need to learn that last sentence.   Like the person, have fun competing for the position and stop making it such a fight.

Enough preaching for 4am.  Have a great day.

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