Happiness is a warm Bun.

Happiness is a warm Bun.


I’ve been surrounded by jaded, frustrated, angry and blunt haters of late.  I like them.  They are honest about how they feel about things.  I suppose if we had more of that on Wall Street we’d be in a different situation today.

The whole protest thing does call attention to what is wrong so we can fix it- it can also be tedious and tiring after a while.  To stay in complaint mode and not shift to fix mode is self indulgent.  Usually the people who can truly figure out a way to fix things are the ones who get annoyed by them.  Protesting something is the first step:  infiltrating is the next.

I am writing an e.book right now about protest.  My dad was brilliant in his civil rights activism.  He elected to infiltrate the organizations he wanted to integrate.  Standing outside an organization with a sign makes us THEM and them US.  Infiltrate the things we want to change.

Hating doesn’t work.  It gets Hackles up.  When hackles are up – heels are down.  People listen less.  They will hurt themselves to do the opposite of what we say.  Rather than approach a person with a warm gun- approach them with a warm BUN.  They are more likely to listen with their mouth is full of a warm yummy pastry than trying to listen when their physiology is in “un.listen” mode due to perceived conflict.

One of my favorite quotes is

“There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  Albert Einstein

It is a miracle we can drive across the Golden Gate Bridge with ongoing traffic a mere 3 feet from us.  No barrier and 50 mph.  It is a miracle that more people do not jump.  It is a miracle that you can read my journal right now because some military-funding helped to create this thing called the internet.

The video below says that with a sardonic wit that I applaud!  Said by Louis CK.  I had never heard of him.


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