Great Leaping Customer Service

Great Leaping Customer Service

Thank you Romundo.  Target today.  Buying Halloween candy.  Spider Monkey Sebastian in the shopping cart.  Howling.  Laughing.  Singing Frosty the Snow Man.

 I hear a voice.  “Hi, I am Romundo – do you want a sticker.”  I see a uniformed security guy kneeling down to Sebastian’s level asking him if he wanted a sticker.  It was cute.

 Romundo then said, I can give you the sticker when you buckle up like an astronaut.  Can you do that- big guy?  Sebastian said “Mommy pick you up”  (he says you instead of me when giving directives to his mom.)

Romundo then gave me an extra sticker – in case he needs some further coaxing.

What a great way to let a mom know not to let her kid stand in a stroller.  He really made it fun for Sebastian.   I didn’t need the extra sticker- Sebastian rode along, buckled in and happy.

Thanks Romundo!


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