Genome of a Key and other things

Genome of a Key and other things

Is there a word for the individual slopes of a key?


I suppose that isn’t a clear question.

If I look at a key, there are grooves that are cut to match the grooves in a lock.

Is there a word for that?

If there is, I’d like to know what it is.

What is it called?

Because, today, I think I discovered the (place name here of the name of the groove in a key) of the meaning of life.

Not the ENTIRE meaning of life.. just one of those moments in the total.

I have enjoyed a chuckle with friends for decades on the ‘meaning of life.’

Is it, the period between the last letter of the sentence and the “”



Is it the kitty poster from the 70’s with that one delicate paw “hanging in there baby?”


Is it the if you love it set it free… shoot it.. whatever the )@(#*$ the version it is now?

(If you have no idea what I am talking about, un-furrow your brow and ask your mom to explain the references. They are pre-born-in-1975.


Is the meaning of life avoiding the cruelty exposed when we think of footless rabbits everywhere because we just HAD to have that bright blue soft key chain?


Plastic balls on the end of chains SEEMS like a really great idea until someone loses an eye.

For real.


I had a conversation today. With someone I immediately admire.

I left thinking about the (Place word here for the groove of a key) of life.

Not the ‘meaning’ of life.. one of the “place word heres” of life.

A component.

It is…

Whatever IT is.
IT is that thing.

THAT thing.
That you haven’t forgiven yourself for.
That one thing.

Will continue to show up in other people.
You will look for it.
That thing.
It will continue to cause you pain.
You are able to forgive IT:

in you.


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