Forever is a Long Time.

Forever is a Long Time.

Chris Brown.  I can’t stop thinking about Chris Brown.

A friend sent me this video a while back:

I love the song: the whole thing, the wedding entrance, the lyrics, everything.

And Chris Brown beat up his girlfriend.  Sucked.  It seems his father did the same thing to his mom.

It was such a great opportunity for him… to move the world forward in this area.  He was coached to be protective and quiet in the media.

Imagine, instead of this:, he would have looked at Larry and said, “WTF.  I have no idea how this happened.  It is NOT okay, and I plan on doing more than picking up trash.  I plan on helping eradicate domestic violence as a top issue in my community.  There is no reason for anyone to strike the person they love.  I am dedicating this chapter of my life to figuring out what the hell is going on that we repeat this shit.  My father did it; I hated it; why in the hell would I repeat this?”

Something–ANYTHING–is better than the way he responded.  It sucked.  He hid the issue rather than spotlighting it.

We are changing as a world.  The video of the wedding march got so many hits because it was unexpected and real.  Instead of performing some ritual that didn’t connect with the wedding party, they danced.

In the media, rather than protect and be silent, have some sort of emotion–be real.

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