Fitting in is the kiss of death to creativity

Fitting in is the kiss of death to creativity

There is an inverse relationship between fitting in and creativity. I spoke yesterday for a group of healthcare CEO’s. A 2-hour presentation with the intent to shine a little light on the principles I believe in and teach.

It is an uphill walk for me as I walk into a Los Angeles fancy pants highrise with an incredible view. My Crayola Red hair does not compute with my brown pin striped suit. The judgment is apparent.

This is nothing new. I experience it almost every day. I am often asked why I have my hair this color- knowing that it impacts my professional career to the negative.

I have some ideas. Why. I am not sure which is really why. I like my hair this way. I like being weird.

It is just my way of controlling what I am judged for. I guess.
The funny thing is.. I worry… what happens when bright red hair is suddenly in fashion. I have had my hair like this off and on for 10 years and I am starting to notice other professionals coming over to my side.

What will I do to expess my individuality then. ?

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