e-mail fail

e-mail is good for

  • logistics
  • flirting
  • video clips
  • distraction

e-mail is not good for

  • emotional complexity
  • conflict
  • increasing understanding
  • running a business
  • staying focused
  • ending a relationship
  • the grammatically challenged

Rome fell because of

  • lead
  • hubris
  • Christianity
  • decadence
  • imperial incompetence
  • the mis-memory of the purpose of a vomitorium

WE will fall

  • e-mail

Curse you 178 messages in my inbox.

2 Replies to “e-mail fail”

  1. seriously, less than 200 e-mails…i’ve got about 3000 in my personal account and…i’m afraid to admit how many in my business account. i like your list. i miss the hell out of you!!! come visit

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