Hi. I’m a little in the eye of the storm the past couple of weeks. Pneumonia, my sister had a stroke, my son has that horrible flu .. I could go on. A lot of stuff pulling at my hair.

Yesterday I get a letter from a training organization I used to be involved with. It was not a nice letter. It was written by someone who I consider a friend basically threatening me about all sorts of things. It made me sad to read a letter written by an organization that touts being friendly. An organization that teaches people to be build relationships.

It really hurt my little feelings. I am sad for any organization who tries to bully people- who believes the world is so small that only they can work in an industry. The world is expansive and vast. We have infinite possibilities and if our mission is truly to change the world it is wise for us to support EVERYONE in that path.

Weird serendipity. I connect with a guy in my industry trying to do the same thing I am. He drops by 10 minutes after I open the letter and drafted my response. In the middle of this happening my contact tore and I was standing at the mirror trying to get i out of my eye. I hear him behind me. it is a funny moment. My eyes were a little red from the tears I had just shed from the coldness of the letter.

We sit down. How can we play together? Is his question. We are doing the same thing – let’s help each other. Let’s reach more people. His next sentence, without knowing anything, is “I am meeting with “Training organization name here” tomorrow about a strategic partnership. He mentions the names of everyone I know in that organization. The same one who sent me the hate mail.

it was one of those moments that reminds me just how small and tiny our world is. We talked about protectionism and exclusiveness. His entire message is the antithesis of the letter I got. he can really help them expand their thinking. I tell him about the beauty of the founder’s message – of how much this organization changed my life.

I can’t say who they are. As it turns out, they don’t want anyone to know I worked with them. I suppose I don’t want anyone to know I worked for them. My company and my message is the opposite of what is going on there. I left because of the incongruence.

Don’t try to guess who I am talking about. it doesn’t matter. They are all good people who are just acting out of fear and scarcity. There is just no purpose for this kind of thinking in the world. There is enough business to go around.

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