Chicago a go go

Chicago a go go

Red eye. Red eyes. No sleep. Bleary. A full day with no breaks. Not one. Pooped.  I’m facing a hard week, don’t want to be there, want to be home.   Whining about it to myself.  I’m waiting for the pilot to turn off the seat belt sign (timing is everything) and I see that I had a voice mail overnight.  THAT is weird… 2am?   I check it….

It starts with a deep growling.. “DUH.. DUH DUH DUH.. DUH DUH”  I recognize the tune.. not the voice….then

Sung to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger”

Rising up

Once in the gate

Neck a mess

Back in trou-ble

She’s gone the distance

Now she’s back on her feet

Just a girl and her love for endive.

She’s a chick who can jet set

With little/no sleep

Facing mean cor-a-porate giants

(indiscernible phrase here)

And I’m watching her go.. there she goes!…

Oh.  Hi, Christina.  Not sure where that came from…

Wanted to leave you a message …get some coffee, splash your face.. ask that guy next to you (I’m hoping he is cute since you slept with him last night) to carry your bags…..

Have a great day!

The indiscernible part is forever unknown cuz that little ditty came out of his head impromptu when he heard the beep…..  It is a great way to leave a message.  In these days of e-mail, texting and facebook.. actually hearing a voice is nice!  🙂

Beware:  you don’t want me to call you the next few weeks as I try out this new way of leaving a message.  If you see my name in your voice mail.. just delete it and move on.

(name graciously withheld until he gets an agent or a spouse)

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