Want to listen to a life lived?

Want to listen to a life lived?

Listen to Joni Mitchell

Both sides now (original version)

Both sides now (remastered version)

A life lived. I am sitting here in Dallas airport, waiting for my flight to Houston. (My 2nd flight here in a couple of days.) Watching teenage soldiers walking somewhere. I find myself praying they are walking home. Yet, seeing their boots and how clean they are, how new the tread is, I wonder.
“So many things I would have done…” is a sad sentence to hear in an airport at this hour.
I often circle back to the thoughts “Do I deserve to be this happy? This lucky?” When others.. when there are people… humans… who are flying away from their children for months instead of just days.
How did I get so magically blessed? I wanted to be a scientist.. to work at NASA.. to discover things. My sister reminded me on Saturday that I am now. I’m sitting in a room at NASA doing what I wanted to do before … before. And it doesn’t matter how we get somewhere – I’m here. Living a dream. (For those of you who don’t know, I’m doing zero G on the 12th as a control subject at NASA. Thank you Dr. Kraft!)
I’m hopeful for each person who walks by me in fatigues. Every single one with a wedding ring so far. Love. At least there is always that.

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