Voter intuition

Voter intuition

May I be blunt at the risk of sounding judgmental? It is very sad to watch the Angelides campaign. It feels to me they have been lofted several opportunities to truly spotlight his direction and abilities and he has failed to show any personality whatsoever. It really causes me to worry about the Progressive Movement and what we are doing.
We, in the progressive movement, want to be elected because we are nice people and doing right- rather than accepting the cold heart American fact: The number one restaurant in our country has the worst food. In fact, we have convinced the world that consistency is more important than quality- every McDonalds serves exactly the same quality of crap.
Doing good and doing right ? Not enough in our culture.
I watched an incredible woman speak Friday night. She is running for Congress in New York and I believe she will win. She is an excellent speaker- for a room full of politicos. For the politically minded we LOVE her. She really does have the right ideas to take us to the next level… back toward the innovative and inspiring way of being in the US.

I fear out in the brisk world of the voter- she will not be remembered. The voters need goose bumps. They need to be entertained or at least enchanted. Campaigners need to communicate to be heard-and remembered. It is that simple. I am beginning to feel that the folks running the campaigns see things through their own lens- not through the lens of the voter. It worries me.
At least Phil has a myspace account. It isn’t as spicey as my neice’s… at least it is there.

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