I’m sitting in Las Vegas waiting for my plane to arrive to take me home. The screen says “Pos Wth Dly” Folks are curious what that means. (I did Cryptograms as a kid so I figured it says Possible Weather Delay.) A mom here is a little upset. Visibly shaken she worries about getting home to pick up her two daughters.
She steps up to the desk as a young man steps behind it. She waits for a moment. he doesn’t acknowledge her, he types at the computer.
It is clear from her face she is a little emotional.
She finally interupts his typing and not looking and asks sweetly, almost sheepishly, “um, are we leaving as scheduled.”
He doesn’t even look up.
“Maam, I haven’t even signed into the computer yet. I will make an announcement when I do.”
Really? This is my first time flying Virgin America and I do admit I had some high expectations.
I suppose the RED means embarrass your customers and your brand by lacking human feeling.
aaah. he just gave the announcement. He did a great job educating us though on WHY the weather delay happens in SFO. That he did a great job of. Really, he did a great job. I just wish he would see the people in front of him and say it different. “I’m checking into it…. I’ll make an announcement in just a second… promise….”

A microphone made him nicer and approachable. For those of us sitting around him… we don’t like him because he was rude to a worried mom.

Richard – teach your people to reduce anonymity.


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  • Jason
    Posted at 23:01h, 02 April

    Hey Christina I was at the College Works Painting training you spoke at. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your presentation! I didn’t realize that perception and perspective have so much to do with effective communication.

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