Barack Obama has my vote

Barack Obama has my vote

I pull my car up to a high rise at the top of the hill on Steiner Street in San Francisco. A lovely valet leaps out as my car rolls to a stop to open my door. I ask her if she knows what floor the event is on – she tells me she has no idea what the event even is.
I mention it is Barack Obama…( girlfriend lights up and says she hopes she can meet him. I tell her I will see what I can do.

The man walks in a room full of 40 people and simply connects with every single person in the room. He walks through the room – not stopping at each person.. simply walking through and gesturing, hand on a shoulder a nod. I am thinking, this guy is a tremendous speaker and he hasn’t even uttered a word.

This is my gig. I teach public speaking. I am super lucky to be invited to these types of rooms and watch what works (and what doesn’t) This man knows how to use metaphor, simile and analogies to create impact with his message. A few thing he said:
Democracy only works when the American people are paying attention. We are now paying attention.

In response to offshoring of employment, “We can not build a moat around America”

We must use the strength of our diplomacy, not the mite of our military.

We are spending 800 million a day.. purchasing from people who vocally hate and want to destroy us. (not his exact words, I didn’t have a pen.)

This guy speaks from the heart. Well done!

I mention to him that there is a gal out front parking cars that wants to meet him, I asked if we could make that happen…. “Already done. (Wink)”

Now that is a man who should be president.

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