Thank the right people

Thank the right people

We are in a new communication economy.  Political types need to catch up.   I am lucky to attend a ton of political events with big names wowing the crowd with their oratory prowess.

I love Nancy Pelosi.  I have written about her before.  She takes the time to personally connect with people in ways that most politicians truly need to learn.  I was therefore quite sad at her 20-year anniversary lunch to hear her thank several wealthy donors when she took the podium.  

I know it is the right thing to do in politics.  To thank the wealthy donors.  These people may even be her dearest friends and therefore it has nothing to do with money.

What politicos need to learn is to thank the other folks too.  Claudia who poured the dressing on my salad.  I’d thank her.  I’d also have all the volunteers for the event stand up and get a round of applause.  I have yet to see a candidate remember the unimportant people that were not in the VIP room.

I have been in the VIP room.  It is a great room and everyone is really nice.  It is set up for the big donors so they have access to the person who is there to raise the funds.  It is a nice benefit and it just feels wrong.

It is frankly the purchase of access.  Whether anything is done with that access, it is still a purchase.   THere must be another way.  At least another WORD for it.  VIP.  Very important people.

In the new communication economy, distinguishing importance by pocket book is bad.  The volunteer who dealt with the long lines to get in the lunch were more important.  The guy who cleaned up afer, he’s important.

Reality check.  I understand that money makes politics work.  I get that.  I also do not like the system.  DO I know how to change it?  No. 

 It does seem in the new relationship economy we are in, a saavy politican will figure out how to connect with everyone regarding of donation ability.

So…. the rest of the story.  I wrote this post months ago and never posted it.  I had an opportunity to talk with Nancy Pelosi.  Each year she sets aside time at the Democratic Convention to connect with women from the Emerge program.   We had a really nice chat about Mothers and politics. 

I am holding in my hand a note from Nancy Pelosi.   It is a thank you note personally signed by her.  In it she mentions my son and our talk at the convention.

Um?  Whoa.  Clearly, the woman can give lessons on graciousness.  I have a hard time picking up my dry cleaning and the person 2nd in line of president has time to send me a note?

She gets it.   I just gave her a pass on the Shorenstein thank you.


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