Innovation is our middle name

Innovation is our middle name

Message to the humans running for President:

You can’t tell me that the country that invented

The telephone, The fax, The television, The radio, the Polio Vaccine, the INTERNET…

can’t think of an innovative way to have the BEST health care for 100% of the humans living in our country.  The US should be leading the world in the best health care ideas…  We should have a health care system that takes care of everyone.
Politicians need to inspire this country to do what we are great at – creating things. The same is true in health care and in ecology.

Kindle the innovative spirit of this country and consider the problem solved.

There is FINANCIAL profit in solving health care and it will be good for the economy (since 15% of our GNP is health care it HAS to be.) There is a FINANCIAL profit in solving our environmental issues – just ask Toyota how they profit from their properly engineered vehicles.

in the 70’s new standards were created to improve the ecological impact of vehicles in the US. Japanese car companies spent their resources innovating a better vehicle that met the standards… American car companies invested their resources in trying to over turn the standards.

Monetary profit and GOOD policy are not mutually exclusive.

Living in San Francisco and being left of center, I hate to admit it.  The internet came from the military.

I am not a card carrying supporter of the military industrial complex. I am not. I do realize that it was the dollars I complain about that created the platform I am writing on today.

When in doubt, innovate.  Politicians keep saying we got to the moon in 10 years.. yah yah. We did. We did this through innovation – not pontification. We didn’t get there by taking sides we did it by being on the same team.
What we are missing right now is FOCUS not ability.

Get the smartest people in the US in a room for a couple of weeks.  Green light it.  Get folks from the medical industry, the space industry, chemists, veternarians, chefs… folks from all industries known for innovation and smarts.

Solve the health care issue.  Solve the economic issue attached to it.  Innovate it.

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