I’m a little tired of hearing that Hillary Clinton was not nominated because she is a woman. She was not nominated because she hired poorly. She ran a campaign that would have been effective in 1984- it was not effective in 2008. As Matt Cooper said, “The Clintons were stars in the silent films that didn’t make it in the talkies.”
YouTube is helping to change the minds and hearts of voters and Americans. We are able to access information and watch it at 2am .. and pass it along to our friends. Karl Rove is unable to hypnotize anyone with his delivery and messaging – it is time to move on…..
It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you are on – John Stewart nails it.. Politics…. and hypocrisy.


Don’t watch while drinking any beverage.. it will make it come out of your nose.

Now, i just read this on the news wire. Palin HERSELF in Stewart’s video speaks against the belief system in the article below.


I do not know any woman who would vote for a candidate because she is a woman. Palin doesn’t need to be defended – she is a big girl.   Nor does Clinton.


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