A day with the future

A day with the future

Sebastian and I had one of those days I will remember when I watch him graduate from college. When he runs toward me all grins and grown up- I’ll remember the film shoot today with Mary and Gigi. Mary is creating an incredible photo book and Sebastian’s feet and my monkeys are included.

After the shoot, Sebastian and I spent a couple of hours at the local hardware store hunting down decorations for his room. His room has a firetruck bed, monkey mirror, nemo decals, spider man sheets,  monkey xmas lights, Speed Car decals and a monkey garbage can. All picked out by my little boy. Unmatching.  A little crazy.  Perfect.

I watched his face today. His absolute happiness and glee. I am struck by immorality tonight as I watch him stick a Car decal on my headboard.

The same people who protested Vietnam voted for Iraq. How does this happen? How did I morph from the little girl in a pair of Dittos, braids and a purple banana seat bicycle to the woman who hides peas in Sebastian’s peanut butter?

Why is it we forget?  Absolutely refuse to walk around the house with a milk moustache?  Forget how incredible an unmatched.. anti-themed room can look?

I have been involved in amazing things.  Things that started with vision and beauty and ended in bureaucracy and boredom.

When I see Sebastian run down that hill… his cap lost .. his gown being shed as each step comes near… the sweet smell of beer and dad’s shaving creme as he gives me a quick hug before jumping in a vessel with his friends…. I pray I am not wearing matching clothes.. that I am still weird.. that I am still a square peg.

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  • Jennifer Holmes
    Posted at 10:16h, 17 October

    That’s so funny – last night I had a dream he was getting his first job – I just tried to email it to you but it bounced back!

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