The Pranks Book

The Pranks Book

One of the reasons we are in New York is for my husband to attend two book signings.

The first show, in Manhattan at the Blue Stocking a Co-op style book store was jam packed.  My husband was appearing as himself and referring to a pseudonym as a separate person who could not attend.  Our son was in the back of the room, very excited to hear his dad speaking.  While his papa had the microphone, he pointed and clapped “PA-pa.. PA-pa.”   The audience either shifted in mild annoyance or some basked in his cuteness.

When we showed a video of “the guy who couldn’t attend,” the audience grumbled a bit as they wanted to meet him.  TGWCA wore a mask in the video to shield his identity.

Our son clapped wildly and pointed at the screen yelping “PA-pa… PA-pa…”  The audience, likely the cute ones, roared with laughter.  Others swatted annoyingly at the person who let that little kid come to the room in the first place.

15-months old and already a prankster.

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