Naked Cakes

Naked Cakes

I love my life. I e-mail my Mom’s group trying to find a bakery that will create an artistic cake that is also healthy and not a sugar cube (for my son’s first birthday.) No luck. The cakes I taste are yucko and not pretty.

My husband tells me he used to go to this bakery south of market in the 70’s and beyond to pick up penis and boob cakes for his friends. I mildly protest as he drives around trying to find the tiny hole in the wall. Voila… X-Rated cakes in neon.

We go in and I fall in love with the proprietor. He pulls out this index file of pictures for the cake. I will not go into too much detail about the different anatomy parts doing various sports. He tells me he is certain he as a monkey photo that I will love that he can airbrush (low sugar) on to the cake. He searches and searches. We browse the ken dolls in various stages of undress and frosting redress. There are pacifiers of an certain ilk..handcuffs, mugs… everything you could think of.

He finds the photo. It is perfect. Two little monkeys sitting a tree. (not K-i-s-s-i-n-g… just sitting there being cute.) He also has a banana nut (bread) cake that he can fill with real fruit and frost with a low sugar (not fake sugar) light frosting. Yum.

The place is called The Cake Gallery and it is on 290 9th Street in San Francisco. They wll do almost any kind of cake you wish for. Even first birthday low sugar monkey cakes.

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