Blizzard in a Bucket

Blizzard in a Bucket

Last night I introduced yet another youngster to the endless fun of “BLIZZARD IN A BUCKET.” My friend Mark told me that the stuff is what they put in diapers… and expands to 10 or 100 times it size or something like that. (I am not a numbers gal.. I heard the expand part.. not the number part.)

We played with this white powder turned giant ice crystals for hours. Fun. What is super cool about it – is it will dry out only to be used again. (My husband missed this part of the directions. this will make more sense in a moment.) For ever. Or you can freeze it and keep it looking like snow.

After our dinner party, we were tired. We decided to do the dishes in the morning. I left the bucket full of blizzard on the kitchen table. hubby got up early to clean up. (yes, I am lucky) I hear this scream. I figure it is nothing to worry about and do not run down to see what is up.

Husband is always telling me that the toilet has a 4inch pipe and the kitchen sink has a 1inch pipe. If ya have to throw something down a drain – choose the potty. The scream? Husband dumped the entire Blizzard in a Bucket in the toilet… it expanded up over the top and on to the floor.. SNOW! in the bathroom.

Kind of like the BLOB .. a cheap horror film. Later in the day we had someone working on our sewer system.. connecting and disconnecting.. moving things. You can write the rest of this blog.

happy day!

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