November 14.  In the Oakland airport.   13 young people ( I CAN’T TELL how old people are anymorel.)   All in gray jerseys.  Based upon their height I assume a basketball team.   The coach wearing a santa hat.   Singing songs.  Kids clapping.  Asking for pictures with the.  Clearly having fun.  Hugging.  I had tears in my eyes.

Two firemen.  In their fire stuff. Oakland. Guys we are are proud of.
One guy stands up and yells, “I miss thanksgiving???”
Momentary dampening of the singing.  The little kids circling around the team paused for a moment.

I yelled… “Hey!  What thanksgiving songs do you know buddy??  I stood up and applauded the boys singing.   A few other people did too.  They sang louder.

They were amazing.   i love humans.

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