Three fish two fish

Three fish two fish

Sebastian is three.   He has a kitten named Tigger and three fish.  This morning we fed the fish as usual.  He counts the fish (two neon tetras and a freaky looking clear fish)

“Mom, there are only two fish – not three.”

I’m thinking.. Oh no.. the floating belly fish moment with a three year old.  I search the surface.. unable to see any fish tummies.

“I’m sure the other fish is just hiding.”  (We should really clean out the tank.)

“No, momma, there are just two fish left.. and that one looks guilty.”

I swear.. I am not smart enough to make this stuff up.

It made me realize how, since getting the new kitty, I use the word guilty in trying to teach Sebastian how to treat the kitten.  I’ll come racing downstairs if it is suddenly quiet and Sebastian will be sitting there with his hands behind his back and the kitten no where to be found.. “Sebastian.. you look a little guilty.”

Sigh.  So this is how they learn….

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