The day the Music Died

The day the Music Died

28 degrees in Maine feels like 3. I flew across country on Friday to facilitate the first Emerge Maine Class of 2007. 15 women who are either in office or running for office. 6 hours of communication adhesion, leadership and rapport speaking.

My way there was a little crazy. The flight in Maine was delayed. It was my first night away from my son so I was a walking emotional trigger.

I heard a woman speak about her experience the day John F. Kennedy was shot. I have heard this story so many times before. As she described a day in her life in Junior High School and the outfit she wore (they didn’t allow girls to wear pants to school back then.) I could picture that moment. I was not the only person in the room who swallowed down tears as she described her mothers reaction to the loss. A painful memory.
There are so many reasons we do not stand up. Assassination over the past century is certainly one of them. Stand up and get shot down. Conflict is very hard. Being in the center of any controversy takes such thick skin. Being the person who stands up and says, “Ahem, what is happening here is not okay. I don’t care how many people do not see it.. I see it.. and it is not okay.”

We have been messaged to and over reality-showed. I am hopeful now is the time to shine the light on all the scary squiggly things under the rock we are sitting on and decide as a populace that our bask in the sun is better knowing what is really going on.

Editorializing. Sorry.

Maine is pretty. Have a nice day.

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