Pay your toll

Pay your toll


Jazz Club. Fillmore.
Did I mention I was late?
I had canceled on him three times… I thought it was twice, he reminded me of my public school educated inability to count.

Couldn’t cancel again so I keep him in my already TOO MUCH busy day.

I text him – I’m late. Sorry.
Find a parking garage. Ready to pull in.
7 young girls. Teenagers. Beautiful young women. So much ahead of them.
They block my car.
I wait.
The tallest one says to me, “Do you want in?”
“Then say please.”
She starts to wave me through.
I watch as a line of cars lines up behind a Mercedes. A man in that car.
He refuses to say please.
Gets out of his car.
Yelling. Hostility. 7 cars behind him yelling. Angry. Honking.
I say to him, “Let them have it.”
He continues to yell. Police are called.
My view. These beautiful young women have no idea how much power they really have. So, they set up ways they can prove they HAVE the power.
Give it to them. What does it give away for me to let them control me for 8 seconds?

I parked and enjoyed a glass of wine.  Mercedes man likely spent the next hour of his life distracted and unhappy.


he is not unusual.  Humans often would rather WIN the moment than enjoy their life.

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  • Jeff Luan
    Posted at 22:35h, 14 March

    That’s certainly a better philosophy on control than I have. I probably would have bunkered down, snapped a few face shots and call the police. Or at least, pretend to while I let them sweat out who I’m calling.

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