No one stands alone

No one stands alone

“In the political economy, the human relationship is the true currency,” I said at a recent political meeting.  If I can inculcate one simple principle or idea to campaigns, companies or organizations:   it is the job of every volunteer and team member to make sure no one stands alone.

Relationships matter.  I say it a lot.  Most people have felt on the outside of something.  Most of us have walked into a room singing, “One of these things is not like the other..” to ourselves.  We watch people huddled together.. clearly knowing each other.

I go to a lot of meetings where I do not know anyone.  I am often surprised by how little people talk to folks they do not know.  They name tag surf… looking for someone important or worth talking to.  Maybe it isn’t that- maybe people are just shy.

I am.  The point of this blog is simple:  if a campaign really wants to get their candidate elected make a new rule.  NO ONE stands alone.  Make it the job of every employee, volunteer and the candidate to never let a person stand on the periphery.  Make sure they feel included.

It will make a difference.  For everyone.

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