Manipulation or Intelligence?

Manipulation or Intelligence?

Driving to Monterey with a two-year old can prove challenging. One hour into our drive my son begged to get out of his car seat. “I want to lay down,” ” I want to get out”, “Please let me get out,” it went on and on. (Like a comma out of place.. heh heh)

We explained to him that he had to wait. He was quiet for a little while.

“Mom, Daddy, I have poops.”

My son has sensitive skin. Of course we pulled over right away to clean up his poops. He didn’t have any.

Brilliant strategy kid. My husband and I felt ourselves getting miffed at him for the lie.. the manipulation.

Then we realized. He is two. He does not have a moral compass yet- he doesn’t know what a lie is. What he did was smart. It was not devious.

Now, how do we teach him that compass? How does anyone teach it? IN a company.. in a family… in a country?

Teaching by doing. He’ll pick up what we show him not what we get angry with. It is a long term process.

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  • David LaPlante
    Posted at 05:28h, 21 November

    smart AND devious comes on or about age 4…just give it a little more time… 😉

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